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UV nail lamp Varieties of manicure lamps for drying gel and gel polish on nails

  1. Ultraviolet lamp (UV) is the most common type of manicure lamp. The device is equipped with fluorescent light bulbs that emit ultraviolet radiation. Such lamps have a fairly affordable price, but are not durable in use. About once every 3 months, fluorescent lamps need to be replaced with new ones, otherwise the gel polish will dry poorly. Suitable for drying gel polish, but not all are suitable for working with gels, only more powerful models.
  2. Cold cathode gas-light lamps (CCFL). The principle of operation is similar to the work of ultraviolet lamps. CCFL lamps work thanks to the gas emitting light. They polymerize any gel coatings well. As a rule, CCFL lamps are equipped with only one bulb in the form of a spiral and this is their first and main drawback. This arrangement does not always allow you to evenly polymerize the material. They do not have a filament, so they produce less heat, but they save more electricity. Currently, CCFL lamps are most often produced in symbiosis with LED.

manicure lamps for drying gel

  1. Light-emitting diode (LED – lamp) – today the most common type of lamps. The lamp works thanks to the LEDs built into it. The main feature of such devices is the low temperature during operation, high speed of drying of the material and durability. Suitable for drying any material for manicure: gel polish (shellac) and various kinds of gels.Such a lamp is absolutely safe for the skin of the hands. As a rule, such lamps do not require the replacement of light bulbs after a certain service life, and the average operating time of LEDs is 50,000 hours. In the event that the lamp has been used for quite a long time and there is a burnout of one LED, then this is usually not a problem and does not require urgent replacement of the bulb, just slightly reduces the power of the entire lamp! LED lamps are much more expensive than UV.

manicure lamps for drying gel

  1. Hybrid lamp (LED + CCFL) or (LED + UV). This type of lamps combines two types of LIGHT bulbs LED, UV or CCFL, which can be used to work with different coatings, such as gel varnishes and gels of different densities. Hybrid lamps are different from conventional ultraviolet lamps, as they are able to dry the surface in as little as 30 seconds. In addition, hybrid lamps have small sizes, and has an excellent appearance. As a rule, this is a very professional and expensive type of nail drying devices.
uv nail lamp
uv nail lamp

It’s hard to find a bulb more compact than this hybrid model from Solomeya. It has dimensions comparable to a matchbox. Therefore, the device can easily be taken with you on a trip where correction of the coating will be necessary. Despite the frivolous appearance, the device has good technical characteristics. Drying of gel polish occurs in 30 seconds. The timer is designed for 1 minute, if necessary, it can be turned off earlier. Powered by laptop or network.

What to look for when choosing

Of course, there are drawbacks. The lamp is designed to dry one nail at a time, which significantly increases the time of the procedure. But otherwise, women are satisfied with everything. The model looks nice, does not take up much space, is inexpensive. But the main thing is that it regularly performs its main function.

What to look for when choosing

Before choosing a lamp, you should clearly determine the purpose of its use. To make the right decision, ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Do you need a device for home use or do you plan to go to clients’ homes? Or maybe you own a salon and you are interested in a professional device? uv nail lamp
  2. Is a lamp needed for all kinds of coatings or do you prefer to use one of them?
  3. Are you only interested in a manicure or pedicure too?
  4. Will you be doing the build-up?
  5. How much do you expect?


The more powerful the shellac lamp, the faster the drying procedure will be carried out. If the salon is small, then it is not necessary to purchase a powerful model, because its cost depends on it, you can stop at the middle option.

The power range ranges from 9 to 54 watts. The optimal and most popular is the indicator of 36 watts.


In design and dimensions, the devices are quite different, and their price depends on it.

  1. An overall device, in which two hands are placed at the same time, it is advisable to purchase for large beauty salons. They know how to value their time and the time of clients.
  2. A powerful expensive model that can fold is suitable for craftsmen who prefer to work on the road.
  3. A small and compact device is best used for small salons or at home.


It is simply necessary for devices of medium and high power – not only cools LEDs, but also protects nails from excessive heating and prevents burning.

uv nail lamp Without forced cooling, the lamp body heats up a lot, and the plastic can even deform.

Removable lamps

It is possible to change the failed light elements only in UV lamps. If you use it only for personal manicure, that is, no more than once a week, then the device will last for several years. And the salon apparatus, serving five or six clients a day, will require you to change the bulbs in two or three months. They change easily, and are inexpensive.

Ignition system uv nail lamp

The gel varnish lamp can be switched on by induction or electronics. The latter is cheaper in cost, but induction works much longer and more stable.

Other Features

  1. Timer. A very convenient function that allows you not to monitor the time – the device itself will notify you that the procedure is over. It can be set from 5 seconds to 2 minutes.
  2. Retractable or removable bottom. Devices that have a retractable tray in their design are simply indispensable for complex cosmetic measures – manicure and pedicure.
  3. Auto power on. The lamp will work as soon as you put your hand inside – the motion sensor is triggered. You take it out and the machine turns off. Thus, you can not be distracted by a constant on-off switch.
  4. Weight. This parameter is important for manicure masters who go to the house. Compact and lightweight device weighing from 500 g to 2 kg will be easy to bring with you.
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