Nail extension at home

Nail extension at home is a beauty procedure that allows you to eliminate defects in the nail plate and It can be done not only in the salon, but also at home because An expert will tell you more about building and its advantages

Nail extension at home

Which girl has not dreamed of long nails? For many years, the procedure of nail extension has been invariably popular. Without a doubt, the whole point is in the merits of this type of manicure – it allows you to transform even the shortest and naturally brittle nails. 

Despite the fact that the extension is most often performed in the salon, if desired. it can be done at home. Step-by-step instructions for beginners with expert advice – in our material.

Types of nail extension

Nail extension is an artificial increase in their length. The selected material is applied to the surface of the nail, which hardens under the influence of LED lamps and ultraviolet light. There are different types of nail extensions:

1. Acrylic nail extension

Acrylic is the first material that was used in the beauty industry for nail extensions. This extension technique appeared in 1970 and came to the industry from dentistry. Acrylic is a durable and flexible synthetic material that allows you to create beautiful designs .

2. Gel nail extension

Gel is a soft “jelly” that only hardens when exposed to UV light and LED light.
The gels are non-toxic and safe. This type of extension allows you to get a natural effect, the nail plate is thin and flexible.

3. Acrygel nail extension

Acrygel is a material that is a cross between acrylic and gel. Its advantage is the combination of strength and flexibility. The material does not spread on the nails and does not get on the skin, so it is very convenient to work with it.

What you need for nail extension

If you decide to build nails at home, then you should carefully prepare. In order to get a good result, you need to take care of purchasing all the necessary tools and materials in advance.

1. UV + LED lamp

With its help, the material freezes. it’s For acrylic extensions, it is not needed (it hardens in air), but for gel and polygel extensions, it is necessary – without it, the material will not fix on the nails.

Nail extension at home

2. Extension gels

Base and top gel required. The base one allows you to create a model of the future length of the nail. the Top gel is used as a topcoat for shine and fixing the result.

3. Files with an abrasiveness of 100-180 grit, designed for sawdust gel polish

With the help of them and the shape of an artificial nail is created. 
Files 240 grit make it possible to file a natural nail before extension

and In the addition so grinders and buffs (a kind of files) are needed to prepare the nail plate for gel and gel polish.

Extended nail care

Extended nails require special care but Shortly before the procedure and it is necessary to abandon certain beauty rituals.

1. Care before building

Before you build up your nails but discard hand cream so do not apply oils to the cuticle area so These funds prevent the adhesion of the nail plate to the coating.

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