Nail Art Design 2021

Nail Design Even though there is still winter outside, now you need to understand what colors and patterns will be popular in the summer nail design. For example, burgundy, cherry, dark shades will no longer be as appropriate as during the cold season. After all, in the spring you always want soft or bright colors, both in clothing and manicure. Let’s see what nail options will fit this season.

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Marble Nail Cosmolac

The length and shape of the nails

Of course, at this year’s most popular, short and medium length nails. But, it is important to consider not only the style of styling, but also pay attention to the shape of the hands, the size of the nail plate and its structure. All of this will help determine the right fit for you.

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Painting fingernail
Painting fingernail 2021

But it is better to think about the process. Most designers are more inclined to shape round nails. This is a sign that nature and morals have returned to nature. The almond shaped shape is not ideal, but since most girls prefer it, it is impossible to ignore this fact. At the same time, square corners with slightly rounded corners and do not lose their popularity. This is a form that is better than others to create interesting and definite color solutions.

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Variety of colors: for or against

Surprisingly, in the spring, the combination of white and black will be particularly relevant. Try to be one, come up with an interesting design and experiment. Ethnic patterns, geometric patterns in dark and white colors are very stylish, elegant and modern.

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Pastel colors in the spring of 2021 of the year

The bright light and beautiful colors are not suitable for every girl. And if you are not one of them, then choose a cool, pastel shades, which will also be in the mood this summer. Such soft colors are great on medium to high nails. The process can be any. For example, oval, pointed or rectangular.