Gel Polish Nail most stylish ideas 2022

Do you want to look stylish and modern? Then you should definitely learn about the ideas and novelties of manicure 2022. After all, the nail industry does not stand still. Gel Polish Nails It is constantly changing, and specialists every day come up with new ideas for manicure. And today we will show you the most stylish of them.

Manicure with quail egg effect

Manicure with the effect of a quail egg is a real trend of spring and summer. It is relevant directly in August. Most often, such splashes are placed on a monochromatic coating or as an addition to the pattern. The presented nail art looks very creative and concise.

Unusual abstraction

Gel Nails Abstraction is very popular this summer. It can take the form of streaks, brushstrokes, or a combination of geometry and other motifs. Experts boldly experiment with the presented genre and amaze the public with their vision of beauty on the nails.

Unicorn Tears

Unicorn tears, which are created on the nails with foil, will be an interesting addition to your image.

You can use this pattern both on all nails and on one and Combine unicorn tears with popular techniques

Manicure Summer 2022 is an idea that combines creativity and the latest trends from the fashion world.

Some ideas look quite unusual and abstract , but this is what gives the female manicure and the image as

a whole zest and charm Gel Polish Nails.

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